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‘See & Save’ is an innovative set of wristbands that visually identify a child’s medical condition using individually selected colours. Colours remain the same and are paired with medical conditions to deliver a new highly effective, easy to implement national safety standard.

This leads to confident carer’s who can immediately identify children’s medical conditions, accurately monitor them throughout the day and then deliver timely first aid if necessary.

The ‘See & Save’ system utilises our ‘See & Save’ wristbands but includes so much more!

  • Classroom and playground posters for quick & simple implementation
  • A ‘carer led’ education program (linked to the Australian National Curriculum) 
    • Specifically designed for child care services, schools, OSHC services and sporting organisations
  • The ability to purchase either a 50 or 25 piece wristband package
    • Pre-packaged according to their prevalence in young children
      • 50 pack includes – 20 asthma, 20 allergy and 10 anaphylaxis
      • 25 pack includes – 10 asthma, 10 allergy and 5 anaphylaxis
      • Need diabetes or epilepsy wristbands as well? Keep reading 😉
  • Plus access to ongoing education resources

“The education program was such a great way to introduce the ‘See & Save’ system to our students and it gave children with conditions a chance to feel supported by their ‘See & Save’ superhero classmates”. Fiona Smith, Assistant Principal.

If your school or organisation needs an extra 1, 3, 5, or 10 wristbands for children with asthma, allergy, anaphylaxis, diabetes or epilepsy just hold Ctrl and click here 🙂

Any issues? Please Contact Us here.

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Product Description

See & Save System – HIGHLY Visible

  • Available in packages of 50 or 25
  • Suggested age range, 0 – 16 years
  • 3 press studs allow for easy size adjustment
  • 100% Allergen Free Silicone

Additional Information

Weight 25 kg
Size of Pack

50 pack (20 allergy, 20 asthma and 10 anaphylaxis), 25 pack (10 allergy, 10 asthma and 5 anaphylaxis)


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