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Free see and save wristband‘See & Save’ Medical Identification System

‘See & Save’ is a innovative set of wristbands that visually identify a child’s medical condition through the use of specifically chosen colours furthermore by using colours that always remain the same to identify these medical conditions, the ‘See & Save’ system delivers a highly effective, easy to implement new national safety standard.

This leads to confident carer’s who can more accurately monitor these ‘at risk’ children throughout the day and then deliver timely first aid if necessary, which in turn leads to happy healthy children and stress free parenting.

  • Suggested age range, 0 – 16 years
  • 3 press studs allow for easy size adjustment
  • 100% Allergen Free Silicone

“Inclusion of the “See & Save” program within the school has strengthened the ability for all personnel to identify these conditions and respond accordingly.”

Assistant Principal Fiona Smith – Mimosa PS

“96% of carers indicated the ‘See & Save’ system would increase their confidence in being able to identify, monitor and treat students medical conditions.”

2016, Research Findings.

“Almost all hospitalisations and deaths due to asthma and anaphylaxis are preventable with quick identification and appropriate medication.”

Australian Peak bodies for Asthma and allergies.

Why we created ‘See & Save’?

‘See & Save’ was created so that no parent ever had to experience the preventable hospitalisation or death of their child due to asthma, allergies, anaphylaxis, epilepsy or diabetes.

At present Australia experiences more than 35,000 child hospitalisations and over 30 deaths every year due to these conditions, of which almost all are preventable. The Australian peak bodies agree that the solution to prevent these unnecessary outcomes is correct identification and quick medication, however, we realise these “simple” steps aren’t being met.

This is the core reason we founded CleverDux and created the ‘See & Save’ system. We’ve worked in childcare for a combined 20 years and we still do. We’ve experienced these scenarios, we recognise your concerns and are creating a safer future.

‘See & Save’ is simple and effective. Children who have Asthma, Allergies, Anaphylaxis, Epilepsy, Diabetes or another Medical Condition wear a fun and colourful wristband that indicates their medical condition. Now any carer can identify your child’s condition immediately, use preventative measures to ensure an emergency scenario never occurs, but if one did, they’d know the quickest course of action to reduce the likelihood of a hospital visit or worse.

Parents – Give your child the best chance at life with ‘See & Save’ wristbands.

Schools and Organisations – Make sure the children under your care are being educated about these conditions and monitored by the most advanced safety system available – The ‘See & Save’ System.


 “I strongly believe any child with a medical condition is going to be at risk of misdiagnosis… Often it can be too late as was the case with my son. If Marcus was wearing an allergy band, the afterschool carers would have used an Epi-pen first and then the asthma medication secondly. I am positive Marcus would be here with me today if he was treated for the allergy first.”

John Terranova

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