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CleverDux and their ‘See & Save’ system have just been announced as one of 200 “Businesses of tomorrow”. Westpac received over 2500 applicants and CleverDux were chosen to take part in a 2 day learning and networking program. “The caliber of businesses involved in the ‘Business of tomorrow’ program was exceptional, I’m really excited to see our company placed alongside these fantastic examples of Australian entrepreneurship” Said Jarrad – CEO and Co-Founder.

Chief Executive of Westpac Business Bank David Lindberg says the Westpac 200 summit is an opportunity for the next generation of Australian Businesses to ‘thrive and succeed in a changing world’.

“It’s pleasing to see strong representation among service-led sectors such as health, professional services and technology, all predicted to have strong growth over the next 10 years. These businesses demonstrated the potential for a higher purpose.”


CleverDux and the ‘See & Save’ system were recently selected as one of Australia’s top 10 most exciting and influential start-up companies by business acceleration program MassChallenge. CleverDux were then flown to Boston in the USA and had the chance to share their simple idea with the big US market. The team now plans to head back to Boston in June to start international implementation of the ‘See & Save’ system with the goal of lowering hospitalizations and deaths around the world.


4 years ago after the miss-diagnosis of Marcus Terranova’s anaphylactic medical condition CleverDux begun creating a solution to this ongoing tragedy. Currentlty miss-identification of children in Australia leads to over 50,000 hospitaliations and 30 plus deaths each year of children with asthma, allergies, anaphylaxis and diabetes, of which almost all are said to be preventable.

CleverDux have now created the ‘See & Save’ system, allowing any carer to immediately identify a child’s medical condition from day one, leading to an increase in the use of preventative measures and language, plus if a situation was to occur the carer would know which course of action to take first – saving precious seconds and potentially a life.


CleverDux recently researched the ‘See & Save’ system across 5 schools and over 150 teachers. Devastatingly pre-trial research showed that only 2 out of every 10 teachers felt confident they could identify your children with these conditions. This means if an incident was to occur your children may not be identified in time and when the peak authorities around these conditions state that quick identification and quick medication is the best way to reduce hospitalisations and deaths we’re in big trouble. On the bright side though, the ‘See & Save’ system was put in practice across a 10 week long term and post-trial research showed an impressive increase to 96% of all teachers feeling confident that they ‘See &Save’ system helped them better identify, monitor and treat your children.

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