See & Save

The Issue

Statistics now indicate that the average Australian classroom of 25 students now has a huge 7 with asthma, allergies (food, drug or insect) or anaphylaxis. These figures place Australia as one of the worst rated countries for these conditions.

Recent research also indicates that only 2 out of every 10 carers feel confident they could identify, monitor and treat your children with one of these conditions – and when the world peak bodies all agree that quick identification and appropriate treatment are key to reducing hospitalisations and deaths, we look to be in serious trouble.

On a global scale these conditions rank just under or even worse than Australia, in New Zealand, the UK, USA and Canada, meaning the ability for educators to identify, monitor and treat these conditions confidently has become a global issue.

The Solution

SaveOn a positive note, the CleverDux team have identified this gap and developed a global solution in ‘See & Save’, that through research has shown to increase a carer’s confidence in being able to identify, monitor and treat a student’s medical condition, from a shocking 20% of educators, to a fantastic 96% of all carer’s being able to achieve this.

But as carer’s and educators ourselves we truly believe that education is key, and so have paired our ‘See & Save’ wristbands with an easy to implement education program, that allows organisations to empower children to be the change we want to see in the world. The program teaches children about the basics of what it’s like to have asthma and allergies, what signs and symptoms to look out for and how to be a little ‘See & Save’ superhero for their friends, to name just a few.

Now is the time for a simple change in procedure that could achieve a global dream of reducing hospitalisation and death of children with these conditions.

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